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Arthritis Treatment With Ayurvedic Therapies
Home & Lifestyle >> Health - Beauty Products | Maharashtra»Mumbai | 06-May-2010

Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved provides alternative arthritis treatments and arthritis pain relief through traditional, authentic Ayurveda, the world's oldest and most complete system of natural health. This program provides the most comprehensive and natural approach available today, both in terms of identifying the causes of arthritis and providing treatments.

Poor eating habits and weak digestion allow impurities to accumulate, circulate, and build up in the joints. This inhibits joint function, mobility, and comfort. Since impurities can develop faster than the body's ability to eliminate them, cleansing alone is not enough. The key to preventing a toxic build up is to create healthier cells, one's that can easily and efficiently eliminate harmful toxins from the body. Your program at Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved is designed to improve digestion and metabolism, which then forms nutrient plasma that is more pure and easy to assimilate. This helps to create proper lubrication of joint tissue, helping impurities flow out of the joint cells for elimination, and allowing nutrients to flow in. The organizing principle within the body which controls the level of activation and sensitivity of the nervous system is called Vata. Anything that aggravates, or overly activates Vata, will increase the sensitivity and experience of pain in the body. Therefore, an important component in treating arthritic pain is to balance and stabilize Vata.

People can have arthritis for different reasons and need different programs to heal the condition. Your Ayurveda Health Consultant will not be just matching treatments to the condition of arthritis, but will individualize the program to the specific imbalances that are causing arthritis in you.

Panchakarma Therapy at DKA ~ A Natural Treatment Approach

1. Snehana : Internal and external oleation to the body / affected parts is given as a preliminary process.

2. Swedana: This is done by application of steam on the affected parts. It helps in reducing inflammatory conditions in the body. In chronic cases Shali shasthika pinda sweda is recommended.

3. Vasthi This is done by administration of herbal enema. It is helpful in chronic cases.

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