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Home & Lifestyle >> Health - Beauty Products | Punjab»Khanna | 05-May-2010
CANCER :- It is the dangerous deadly disease now -a -days. Even a baby is not  even spared.Between Late ancient and early mediavel period of history the disease was restricted among affluent class.But now it has  spread among the poor also. Reasons are many which we cannot avoid.Surgical recovery is one  in one thousandd which bears no percentage and it remains time bound.Our harmless way of treatment keeps the disease at a halt . The patient gets relief of painlessness  most of the cases. Even when the disease  remains.
Malignant tumor ,including carcinoma and sarcoma. It  arises from abnormal and uncontrolled division of cell that then invade and destroy  the sorrounding tissues. Spread  of cancer  cells may occur via the blood stream or the lymphatic channels or across  body cavities such as pleural  and peritoneal spaces , thus setting up secondary  tumors at sites distant from the original tumor. There are prrobably many causative  factors , some of which are known :for example , cigrate smoking is associated with lung cancer , radiation with some  bone sarcoma and leukemia. Cancer is a fictitious disease , has crippled the world to a large  extent . There  are so many factors that lead  to the  disease  which no body  can ignore or give up  for the maintenance of life . Not only addiction  but also food , occupational  hazards , environmental  polution,geographical features , which we can not avoid. some measures can be taken in selecting food ,avoidence of addiction in any form , to avoid unnatural or artificial  beautification etc.However ,we are neither food supplier nor social reformer . What is in our handis to restore the sick to health by way of medicine. In female  it is evident that breast  cancer and uterine cancer is very much. In male  prostatic Ca , Lung Ca , Colon Ca , are more.Management  by our Homeopathy Hospital:-  We can help our patient to get relief by 90% even when the disease remains. Moreover , our medicine do not bears any adverse effect.


Pure Honey Suppliers [3 years ago]
Nature's best gift to mankind,Product Weight75 GM,Product Weight75 GM.A powerful energizer which has low calorie level.Good source of Vitamin C and minerals.Improves eyesight, strengthens immune system. Powerful antioxidant that restores damaged skin and make it soft and youthful
Red Sandalwood Face Cream [3 years ago]
Skin rejuvenating cream enriched with Red Sandalwood.Moisturizing cream enriched with the healing power of Red Sandalwood to reduce under-eye darkness and marks on face. Regular use keeps your skin smooth, soft and fair.
KASTURI MANJAL face cream ayurvedic  [3 years ago]
Improves color and complexion of skin,Product Weight50 GM,Product Weight50 GM.Pure organic Turmeric powder grown in the coast of Kerala .Kasturi Manjal is known to be used for centuries by woman to preserve and protect their natural beauty.
Hair Dryer - Compare Hair Dryer Prices in India [3 years ago]
Whatstheprice €“ Find lowest price after comparison to buy best hair dryer in India with proper product specification and details and save maximum on your shopping online.
Ayurvedic treatment for heart in Mulund (West) Mumbai [3 years ago]
Heart treatment:SAMPOORNA HRUDAY SHUDDHIKARAN treatment that control & cures the heart disease without surgery . --- Who has Blockages, Hypertension, Diabetes, B.P.,Patient suffering from stress, high cholesterol level,obesity,advised or done by-pass, angioplasty surgery. We also tr...
Buy Orthopedic Care Products And Accessories Online At Lowest Price. Free Shipping! [3 years ago]
Health Vistas,is the first of its kind online retail healthcarestore in India, offering a wide range of healthcare and healthcare related products, through its portal. We offer a wide range of Orthopedic items- shoulder supports, wrist supports, compression supports and more. Visit www.healt...
randburg womens clinic [4 years ago]
womens CLINIC +27736613276 (PILLS ON SALE) *gauteng* clinic at very low costs, 100% Guaranteed and its safe, pain free and a same day service.It Is A 45 Minutes Procedure, we use tested pills and we do womb cleaning as well.we operate from 1 week to 6 months.You can finds us in:-randburg,johannesbur...
Yoko Height Increase Call-09212495656 As seen on tv [5 years ago]
Yoko Height Increaser Device-100% Guaranteed Increase Height , Call SINGH- 0921295656. YOKO Magnetic Height Increaser is Scientifically Developed Based on Medical Research and Advanced computer Technology at Japan. YOKO Magnetic Height Increase is not a gadget it is basically based on acupunct...
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