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Is Snoring Keeping You Up All Night ?
Parent | Andhra Pradesh»Hyderabad | 17-Aug-2015

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Snoring Treatment Center in Hyderabad [3 years ago]
Snoring can take a heavy toll on a health and relationship . Several studies found that the bedmates of heavy snorers lose an average of two to three hour of sleep per night. Sleep is crucial to decision making, learning and general cognitive functioning. As for relationships, snoring often fo...
Do you suffer from Sleep Apnea ?  [3 years ago]
Do you suffer from Sleep Apnea ? Do you wake up in the middle of the night feeling short of breath ? Has your partner told you that you snore or stop breathing during the night. If so, you might be experiencing For More Details: Visit Us
Say Good Night to Sleep Problems. [3 years ago]
and it shortens your life expectancy.
Snoring May be a Warning of Serious Health Problems . Consult Sleep Specialist Today ! [3 years ago]
Snoring definitely effects all the other organs of the body because of snoring occurs when the muscles that keep the airways open become too relaxed or excess tissue accumulates nearby and obstructs air flow. There is a possibility that you might experience organ damage as a result of the lack...
Are You Suffering from Your Partner Snoring ? [3 years ago]
Contact Us: +1800 200 6067 / 04030883502
Stop Snoring Today !! [3 years ago]
and It may be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea which can lead to serious, long-term health problems.
sleep apneaSleep Specialist in Hyderabad  [3 years ago]
Dr. Lavanya Gali
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