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Life Style Consultation For Health & Wellbeing
Home & Lifestyle >> Health - Beauty Products | Maharashtra»Mumbai | 06-May-2010

Owing to expertise and in-depth knowledge in the field of Ayurveda, we offer our clients life style consultation. These consultations can be availed by anyone who are seeking good health, balance and well-being, and mainly guide them to maintain their complete health. It is believed that each individual is born with a pre-determined basic pattern and the Tridoshas and character-type known as Prakriti, a state of balance and equilibrium. This consultation helps to determine the individual's constitution and the way to achieve a finer state of health.

Based on time tested techniques and practices, our Ayurvedic lifestyle programs help to balance your body and mind, enhance nutrition, reduce emotional turbulence and re-awaken the senses. Our experienced professionals guide in healing program that targets the individual's mind/body type.

Our Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation services have the following features :

·                       Understanding Mind/Body type (Prakriti Pariksha): Firstly, the assessment is done for state of balances and imbalances.

·                       Mind / Body Techniques: Several techniques are recommended that are aimed at strengthening the mind, improving the mind-body connection, and reducing mental stress.

·                       Step by step & how to guidelines for following a balancing daily and seasonal routine : Biological rhythms of the human physiology required to be kept in balance by maintaining the daily and seasonal cycles.

·                       Nourishment for body : The guidelines for maximizing digestion are recommended and Specific dietary information related to foods favored and foods to reduce or avoid are given

·                       Ayurvedic Therapies : Recommends  Therapies to enliven and balance the physiology.

·                       Finding balance using herbs: Herbal preparations strengthen deficiencies, eliminate excesses and also help to balance and integrate the energetic aspects of metabolic processes.

·                       Yoga postures & Pranayama (breathing techniques) may be included : These related disciplines are often useful in opening obstructed energy channels and bring strength & balance

Consultation session :

consultation session takes around 1/2 hour that will determine tridosha combination. One is to be asked about bodily functions as well as approach to life, including questions about home, work, past and present health, mental/emotional concerns and eating habits. Questions are also asked related to goals in life and specific likes and dislikes, etc. Further, the practitioners physically observe the general behavior, speech, eyes, skin color and its quality as well as perform a tongue analysis. After this, some modifications in lifestyle are suggested according to Ayurveda leading to a healthier life.

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