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Linda Goodman's, Purple Energy Pain Relief Plates
Home & Lifestyle >> Health - Beauty Products | Andhra Pradesh»vellore | 05-May-2010

Tesla  Purple  Energy Plates

Start Your Own Business Month
21st April to 27th May

Linda Goodman Purple Energy Plates and Disks -!!! A natural pain reliever which guards against EMR also.

We will be providing you our range of products 
and you have an option to get them done in your name and logo.

Your Price List:
Delivery time is 10 days and shipping charges are extra.

Minimum order €“ Rs25000.00

              Credit Card Size --------  Rs300.00

€             Small Plate --------------- Rs400.00 [2.75x4.5 in.]

€             Post Card Size ----------  Rs600.00 [4x6 in.]

€             Large Plate --------------- Rs1500.00 [12x12 in.]

€             Holy Disc [Ganesha] €“-- Rs250.00 [radius 1 in.]

€             Holy Disc [Cross ] ------- Rs250.00 [radius 1 in ]

€             Pets Disc ------------------ Rs200.00 [radius 1/2 in.]

€             Cell Guard ---------------- Rs200.00 [radius 1/2 in.]



Offers for May 2015

Shipping is extra

Buy 5 credit cards for Rs1500.00 + Rs100.00 shipping

Buy 5 small plates for Rs2000.00 + Rs150.00.00 shipping

Buy 5 post cards   for  Rs2700.00  + Rs200.00 shipping

Buy 5 Large Plate for Rs9000.00   + Rs350.00 shipping

Buy 10 round disks[1 and 2 inches diameter] for Rs2000.00 + Rs150.00 shipping

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